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Tips for Buying Grid Tie Solar System

A grid tie system utilizes solar panels to generate electricity from sunlight. Excess power gets exported to the utility grid and likewise, when the household needs more power, those requirements are met by the imports from the grid. Grid tie solar systems are presently the most common category of solar panels in American homes. Despite the expanding interest in battery technologies, many homeowners going solar still prefer installing a grid tie solar system on their roofs. When you want to buy a grid tie solar system, you have to get the best to ensure it will meet your power needs for a long time. With so many options to select from, how do you make certain you buy a great grid tie solar system? You should use this guide.

Seek recommendations. Ask relatives, colleagues, neighbors, and friends who have solar systems. By talking to these individuals, they will be able to share with you their experiences, where they bought their solar panels from, and possibly alert you on any issues they experienced. It is also wise that you go online and read reviews. Reviews are feedback left by clients who have used solar systems hence having rich information. This way, you will be able to list great grid tie solar system sellers and know the ones you should avoid.

Consider the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty. Take note of the guarantees a grid tie solar system manufacturer offers. Don’t take a warranty to be a warranty but check for how long it covers your solar system. If a warranty lasts for a substantial time, at least 25 years, you will naturally anticipate that it is going to endure for a long duration. This means it’ll be able to pay for itself as well as save you lots of energy bills. Nonetheless, a warranty is honored when its manufacturer is still operational, the reason you should purchase your grid tie solar system from well-established companies.

Be keen on how reputed a solar company is. While every solar company can claim that its products are the best, you can only be sure of this when dealing with respected companies. Reputation can be determined by the duration a solar company has been around and past clients’ comments on regarded referral sites like Yahoo, Facebook, and the BBB, and word-of-mouth recommendations. You should avoid solar companies that have many negative comments. Such solar companies don’t value the satisfaction of their clients. Thus, they take shortcuts in making their solar panels, charge more, offer vague warranties, and avail complicated buying and return policies.

Ensure the solar panel has been certified. Before you purchase your grid tie solar system, it is necessary to ensure the company you’re buying from has certifications. Certifications assure that the solar company has been examined and approved by the authorities as qualified and trustworthy. In addition, certification indicates the kind of testing solar panels have undergone. You are thus sure that the grid tie solar system you buy has met certain specifications. By using the above tips, you’ll be sure of getting a grid tie solar system that’ll serve you for years to come.

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